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Welcome to the CoreCrafted Network, where we crash every madness and insanity together, and create a whole new world
@ mc.corecrafted.net

Features & Services

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High-end Hardware

We equip our server network with high-end hardware, including the server itself and the network, so as to ensure everything is running well and stable

Passion & Serious

We do everything possible to enhance the gameplay, just for you to get a better experience on our server, regardless of the gameplay itself or the player communities

24/7 Operating

Our server will neither stop service at random time , nor taken offline for a long period of time (Except server failures). We always keep our server on orbit, so that you can come at any time

Active Support

We provide multiple ways on giving support to players who need help. If you have suggestions or questions, we are always on our discord channel waiting for you

Featured Servers

Some of our iconic jobs and creations

EconomySMP (-Freezone)

The EconomySMP server is one of the Freezone server created by ThisTNTSquid, who have decent experiences on creating survival servers. It features a special economy system......

The Skyblock

Skyblock is a migrated server from our partner network which have closed down .It is developed and maintained by our Co-Owner Jacky, Survive and be the king of this Exile land.


It isn't fun without having war breaking out everywhere, isn't it? I knew it, and this is the thing for you. Fight till your death!
(Under Renewal)


Good news to you, but bad news to us.... We are working really hard on the minigame project, so please wait for us to finish...
(Coming Soon...)

Ready for your Journey?

Why still bother with low quality servers on Facebook?  You've found what you want here! Join us, start your journey and launch your second life with us, taking back what Minecraft should be.


You're lucky if you found yourself here

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Words from the Team

"We are not making a server to be boss, but a real service provider"

“ZGVzaWduZWQgdG8gc3RheSBteXNlbG YgY2FsbSwgYWN1YWxseSBiZWNhbWUgYSBidWxseS4gR1JFQVQgU1RVR kYhIGkga25vdyB5b3Ugd2FudCBtZSBvdXQgZm9yIGEgbG9uZyB0aW1l LCBpIGtub3cgeW91IHdhbnQgbWUgZ2V0IHRoZSBmdWNrIG91dCByaWdodC BhdCB0aGlzIGZ1Y2tpbmcgbW9tZW50IGN1eiBpIGFpbid0IGFueXRoa W5nIGluIHlvdXIgZXllcyBub3cgLCBpbSBqdXN0IGEgZnVja2luZyBhbm5 veWluZyBzaGl0LCBCVVQgSSBXT05ULCBhbmQgTkVWRVIgV0lMTC4ga2 ljayBtZSBvdXQgb2YgbXkgaG9tZSByaWdodCBub3cgaWYgeW91IGRhcmUg dG8sIElGIFlBIERBUkUgVE8gaSBiZWNhbWUgc3VjaCBpbnNhbmU/IG kgd2VudCBtYWQ/IFlFUyBJIEFNLCBBTkQgU08gV0hBVCAsIFJlbWVtYmVyI HdobyBwdXQgbWUgdG8gdGhpcyBtYWRuZXNzLCBSZW1lbWJlciB3aG8g bWFkZSBtZSBsaWtlIHRoaXMgbm93LCBhbmQgUmVtZW1iZXIgd2hvIGRpZC BhbGwgdGhlIHRoaW5ncyBmcm9tIGJlaGluZC4gSVQnUyBZT1UgLCBBTkQ gWU9VIEFSRSBHT0lORyBOT1dIRVJF”



"I am Jason and I'm the second owner of CoreCrafted Network. My main job is to maintain the hardware working 24/7 and keep server downtime as small as possible . We will countinue to upgrade new hardwares in order to maintain the stability and performance of servers. Btw, community server renting will be out after our big renewal project

"I am Jacky, I have the personality that everyone has. One of my qualifications is definitely my managing skills .I am not the best gamer or developer by any mean but I will try to do my best and thats what matter at the end of the day! You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love"